5 Winning Strategies of People with Mental Toughness.

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Why mental toughness is the key to success.

Mental toughness is key for success. I experience it first hand. In fact, throughout my career, I had the unique opportunity to work and to serve incredibly successful individuals. Though they excel in different fields, from entertainment to sport, from business to politics, they all share a common trait: they master mental toughness.

To achieve success, talent and intelligence are both useful but not enough. To achieve peak performance you need mental toughness, or grit, as well. In fact, studies have demonstrated that psychology is responsible for 80 per cent of the success. This is great news, because while there is little we can do about our given genes, we can instead acquire mental toughness.

Mental Toughness Lessons from the Great.

In order to help you develop habits for mental toughness, let me share with you 5 habits that I learned from the high achievers I had the pleasure of working with. As you read them, ask yourself: which of these habits do I have already? Which one do I need to develop? And which do I need to strengthen? [If you want to read about all 15 mental toughness traits I observed in my clients, read this article here.

They nourish self-awareness.

The quality of our life mirrors the quality of our emotions. People, who experience excellence in their life, have developed the skill of emotional mastery. They know how to read their emotions. When they experience negative emotions, they don’t dwell in them, but instead give them an empowering meaning. Because of this habit, they are able to live in a resourceful and beautiful state of mind. Among the practices they use to nourish self-awareness, is daily journaling.

They develop confidence. 

Successful people focus on what they can control and let go of what they cannot. In other words, they are in control of the meaning they attach to what happens to them. They are confident, because they are clear about the purpose of their life and their work. They have an ultimate vision for what they want to achieve. Because they are confident, mentally tough people accomplish things and inspire others. In fact, confidence gives them total belief in their ability to get the outcome they are set to achieve.

They reframe negative thoughts.

People who have mental toughness don’t dwell in debilitating self-doubt. They have trained their brain to reframe negative thoughts into empowering thoughts. They transform negative thoughts in triggers to remind themselves about all the blessings they had in life, what they have already accomplished, what their purpose in life is. To develop this capacity, mentally tough people keep a log of their thoughts to help them become aware of their mental processes.

They have a clear purpose.

Their actions are rooted in a deep running motivation. People with mental toughness not only know what they want, but they are also clear about why they want it. Their purpose keeps them going also when they are met with obstacles and challenges. Their motivation is so strong, that they know they will create the desired outcome no matter what. Purpose is the gasoline that puts them on fire.

They have well defined goals.

They absolutely know what they want, that is which target they want to hit. They have well defined, concrete, measurable goals in the long, medium and short term not only for their career but also for all their areas of life, from health to romance. They have designed their goals in alignment with their purpose. They know that well designed goals work like magnets.

You can find out more about this and other essential traits of people with mental toughness, by reading my article here.

People whose life is supported by mental toughness strive for excellence. They reject mediocrity. They are aware they have only one life, this life, to make a dent in the universe. And they go for it!

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