Assessment: What Kind of Negotiator Are You?

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  1. Master negotiators are agile. Whether they’re lobbying for team resources, forging a complex M&A deal, or seeking a salary increase for themselves, they tailor their styles to their goals and situations. But that takes self-awareness. Before you can adjust your approach, you need insight into what comes most naturally to you.

    Answer these questions about how you typically handle face-to-face negotiations at work, from where you like to meet to how you close the deal. Choose the responses that best describe what you usually do. (There are no right answers — just tendencies.) At the end, you’ll receive a personalized assessment of your style and see how you compare with other test takers on You’ll also receive feedback on the pros and cons of critical tactical choices.

  2. Your place or mine?

  3. Outnumber the other side?

  4. Make the first offer?

  5. Your approach in the beginning?

  6. Address easy or hard issues first?

  7. Show your cards or hide them?

  8. Start high or low?

  9. Increase your demands?

  10. Closing style?

  11. For analysis:
  12. Gender?

  13. Age?

  14. Level in organization?

  15. Where you live?

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