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Seek the experience and Expertise of a Multi-Million dollar business builder. NLP Master Practioner. Certified Life Coach. Psychology of Success Expert. Trainer of Million Dollar Sales Reps. I will help guide you on your path to Peak Performance, Well Being, Life Balance, Success, and ultimately helping you achieve your life purpose!

Freddie Dreamer has spent over 30 years in the School of Hard Knocks and Life Experience, building Multi-Million dollar businesses, employing, training, and advising thousands in the Psychology of Success, Peak Performance, Relationships, Startups, Raising Capital, Social Media, Sales, Addiction, etc. and will advise you on Fulfilling and Achieving who you were Born to Be!

I don’t claim to have a secret, a gimmick, or a new method. What I do have is Success and Lifestyle skills training delivered in a way that my clients can actually use in everyday life. The techniques I teach are elegantly simple, and the tools I use are concrete, transferable, and repeatable.

Here is my personal email feel free to email me any Business and or Lifestyle question you may have. I will be happy to answer it for you.

Is There Something Important you want to change, Improve or Achieve In Your Life?


By utilizing Freddie Dreamers’ cutting-edge total immersion coaching programs, you can learn how to increase sales, empower your team’s performance and provide the leadership model used by billion-dollar businesses. This is the power of business coaching!

*Results obtained vary, and specific outcomes may not occur