This website is for those entrepreneurs who want to take their idea, startup or well established business one step closer to their dream. You can submit your startup, business or idea by filling out the contact form.

Our business is designed to help the growth and success of individual companies. We provide business support and services. This could include rental space, capital, coaching, services, and networking connections. An incubator works as a-one-stop-shop for start-ups and plays a key role in the success or failure of a prospective firm.

The Business incubation program is sponsored by a group of private investors. Our goal is to help create and grow businesses by providing them with necessary financial support and technical services.

          Access to capital. All types of early stage investors – angels, seed funds, venture capital – have their radars on incubators, especially the ones with a successful record of spinning good companies. Incubated businesses are often approached by investors, either one-on-one or at pitching or entrepreneurship events. Also, incubators usually do a good job of opening your eyes to funding opportunities you never knew existed, including government and small business grants and subsidized loans.

  • crucial assistance through the following methods: Furnishing physical location space; financial capital access and offering staggered experience from credible and certified business and management-level executives.

  • It is widespread knowledge that successful companies such as Dropbox, Disqus, and Reddit would not have been the roaring success they have become without input from business incubators. In return an incubator firm strives to gain shares in the company in exchange for services rendered and benefit in the financial windfall once the start-up company turns a corner and is making profit.

Our staff provides expert advice and much-needed expertise in developing business and marketing plans. We help to fund fledgling businesses.

Interested in the SuccessMember incubation program fill out the form and submit.  The SuccessMember Incubator carefully screens potential businesses because space, equipment, and finances are limited. We want to be sure we’re choosing to nurture businesses with the best possible chance for success.

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